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A Thank You To Our Customers and Partners

October 5, 2016

trobertsThis is my first “Battery Exchange” blog post. In this first post, I want to acknowledge and thank those who have helped me acclimate to this new sector of the Material Handling Industry.  I joined Sackett Systems, Inc., one of the founding members of the Battery Exchange industry segment, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 15 months ago.  Most of my previous Material Handling Industry experience was in the Airport Equipment sector.  While I was able to draw many parallels from this past experience, my first year here was one of profound learning about our particular segment – Electric fork trucks, the batteries that power them, and the equipment that services them.

I have benefited greatly from the generous and patient guidance of our dealer partners and customers during my first year in this position.  You have taught me about the intricacies of the Lead Acid Battery, as well as the history of the electric fork truck and batteries in North American distribution centers.  You have enlightened me on the competitive landscape of this industry segment, both direct battery exchange equipment suppliers, as well as those looming alternative technologies which promise, or threaten, to reshape it.   You have also shared with me just what levels of service and support you expect from your suppliers of Battery Exchange Equipment.

My main purpose of starting this blog is to continue, broaden, and maybe even deepen, the conversations that we have been having regarding this challenging and fascinating business we share.  I mean this blog to be an interaction between you and I, and among us all, with the purpose of learning and growing our businesses.  So, with each post I make, I hope to receive back your comments, thoughts, corrections, or disagreements.

I look forward to continuing our conversations, and to hearing back from you on the topics I present.

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